About Dr. Eloise and Ernest ‘Doc’ Werlin

Ernest “Doc” and Dr. Eloise Werlin shared 40 wonderful years together—three years here in Sarasota. A place they saw as an oasis in the midst of their high-powered lives. Each of them enjoyed their professional careers. Doc spent his professional career as an investment banker. Eloise earned two PhDs.—one in Developmental Psychology and the other in Clinical Psychology. They have two daughters, Michele and Danielle.

Doc and Eloise embraced Sarasota, enjoying its multi-faceted cultural activities. Most importantly, they experienced a city that valued philanthropy and meshed well with their desire to be of service to the community they were to call home.

Doc’s beloved wife Eloise died of breast cancer. Cancer has touched Doc’s life twice. He survived leukemia and colon cancer. It was important to him that her life be memorialized in a special manner reflective of their values—Eloise Werlin Park was his way. The park is a space where people come together to savor their beautiful peaceful surroundings and let their imaginations run free.

Over time, Doc has hosted fundraisers for many wonderful causes at the Eloise Werlin Park continuing their tradition of giving back and creating a space to be of enjoyment for the community they love. In continuing to be of service to an even larger community, Doc funded his vision now known as CTAC – Coming Together Against Cancer. The inaugural event raised over $750,000, all of which passed through to the benefit of 35 cancer organizations and institutions across the country.